The content management system MODX is the foundation for the powerful and user friendly websites that we develop. MODX gives maximal flexibility alongside of security, this fits the core values where Publanda stands for.

Content management

MODX: The fastest, most flexible, scalable and safest Open Source CMS.

The MODX content management system forms the basis for the powerful and user-friendly websites that we develop. MODX offers maximum flexibility in addition to safety, which is in line with the core values used by Publanda. For you as a customer MODX means, among other things, optimal search engine indexation, ease of use and being prepared for growth. With MODX & Publanda you are better online, every day.

That sound fine? There is more!

  • Authorization management
  • Multilingual support
  • Managing multiple websites from a cms
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Global development
  • Safety on top

Are you looking for an advanced content management system and a partner that can successfully support in achieving the online ambitions of your organization? As a MODX specialist from the Northern Netherlands, we work together with our clients on tailor-made solutions that deliver results.

Door CMS Critic bekroond tot het beste open source CMS.

What could MODX do for me?

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MODX Ambassador

MODX is the best content management system on the market. This deserves more attention. With the enthusiasm we share in our ambassadorship, together we make the content management system even better. We also do this by actively participating in the MODX Community. Developers from around the world are active in the MODX Community.

Publanda is the MODX specialist of Europe.

Choice of MODX

With our years of expertise we are convinced of content management system MODX. We insist, however, that you do not accept this from us. We like to show it. The advantages of MODX compared to other systems like Drupal and WordPress are also worth it for you!

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